About Naxos

The Naxos Island

Naxos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea belonging to the Cyclades complex. It is the largest island of the Cyclades and is 103 nautical miles from Piraeus. With an area of 429.79 square kilometers, the island of Naxos has a long history since ancient times. With the Thracians and Pelasgians being the first to inhabit the island, followed by the Cares, led by Naxos. From the leader of the latter the island got its name.It was the center of the archaic Cycladic civilization.The island was and is known as a source of emeralds. A rock rich in corundum, which until modern times was one of the best abrasives available.

Naxos, the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades, is located in the centre of the Cyclades,east of Paros and south of Mykonos. The length of its coastline is 148 km and it is of particular importance that in the past Naxos had a very rich flora and fauna. The island is rich in streams and is full of springs, which is why its flora is quite different from the rest of the Cyclades islands. This peculiarity has made the coast of Naxos, to be sandy and next to vegetation. The beaches of Naxos are known for their beautiful conditions and special environment.

Holidays in Naxos

The island of Naxos is one of the most famous destinations both in Greece and abroad. It belongs to the Cyclades complex, so consequently, it is one of the most famous islands in Greece. The island is chosen by both Greek and foreign tourists for their summer holidays and remains high on their list of preferences. With beautiful and sandy beaches it is quite logical that it attracts the interest of many for summer holidays.


Access to Naxos is available in 2 ways. Either by air or by boat. The plane reaches Naxos port from Athens, other regional airports and of course from international airports. The port of Naxos is connected by ferry with Piraeus and most of the ports of the Cyclades. The frequency of the routes depends on the season. Especially in the summer months the routes are daily, while many routes are also operated between the Aegean islands. The journey time varies depending on the type of ship and the ports of call.

Sightseeing in Naxos

Sightseeing in Naxos is mainly related to archaeological monuments and museums, as well as cultural exhibits. While taking a walk in Naxos, it is worthwhile to visit the Venetian Towers and the Upper Castle. Naxos is also known for its Kouros, in two places on the island, in the village of Apollo and the village of Melanes respectively. In Livadi, just 10 km out of Naxos Town, is the Sanctuary of Yrias, while a well-preserved structure is the Temple of Demeter in the village of Sagri. The island is full of towers and one that stands out is the Tower of Bazaios. An equally famous and beautiful tower is the Tower of Chimarros, just after Portara. Portara, the most famous attraction in Naxos and one of the most famous around the world, is a large marble gate standing high on the Palatia islet. Another well-known attraction is the castle of Kalogeros located in the mountainous Naxos, as well as the castle of Apaliros which has a long history linked to the pirate history of the island. Another beautiful attraction in the area of Melania is the Sanctuary of the Springs, an ancient aqueduct.

Beaches in Naxos

Naxos has some of the most famous beaches in the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea islands. The beach of Agios Prokopios, for example, is one of the most famous beaches even in the whole of Europe. Nearby the town of Naxos, the beach of Agios Georgios is quite popular with visitors to the island. The beach next to Agios Prokopios beach is Agia Anna beach, a beach next to a lush green forest. Agiassos and Alyko, are two more beautiful beaches of Naxos.

Amitis is for those looking for something quieter, along with Abram's bay. Beautiful waters can also be found at the beaches of Apollo, Glyfada, Kalantos bay, Lionas bay and Moutsouna. The longest beach of Naxos is Kastraki with a length of 3 km. The beaches that win us over are two small bays, the enchanting Orkos and Panormos. Pyrgaki, which used to be the pirates' haven and Psili Ammos, are 2 more beautiful sandy beaches in Naxos.

Naxos town of Naxos

Chora is the capital of Naxos and is one of the most picturesque towns in the Cyclades. It is of course the most famous tourist destination on the island of Naxos. It is built on a small hill about 30m high with the classic defensive style and dense building. Located just 2km away from the airport, Naxos Town has a traditional yet modern air, with white buildings of Cycladic architecture standing out. In the town one can find bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and souvenir and clothing stores. The capital is the best place to start your walk on the island!
Naxos Monasteries and Temples

Scattered monasteries and churches in Naxos make their appearance in many villages and areas of the island. Panagia Drosiani is located in the village of Moni where it stands out for its historicity. In Naxos Town we find the Metropolitan Church of Naxos, in the ancient market, Panagia Vlacherniotissa, Panagia Myrtidiotissa, in the harbour, the monastery of Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos. From there, in the beautiful and picturesque village of Apeiranthos, you will meet the Panagia Aperalitissa, in the village of Chalki the Panagia Protothroni, in the village of Filoti the Panagia Filotitissa, while on the coastal road from Apollo to Naxos Town, we meet the monastery of Agia. The monastery of Fotodotis Christos, is located north of the village of Danakos and Panagia Ypsilotera, is located at the highest point of the valley of Eggares.

Villages of Naxos

The villages of Naxos retain their identity and remain authentic. Although there are modern features they remain picturesque, retaining their beautiful elements that make them stand out. Apart from Naxos Town, which is the most famous spot on the island, Naxos has a few more large villages. Filoti, for example, is the second largest village of Naxos after Chora and has the most permanent residents on the island. Apollonas is a beautiful picturesque village and together with the village of Apeiranthos, stand out for their authenticity and rare beauty in the entire Aegean. At a distance of 14 km from Chora, is Chalki. Another picturesque little village is the settlement of Tripodes, a village with a traditional Cycladic landscape. Damarionas, Glinado, Damalas, Galini, Komiaki, Kerami, Koronos, Melanes, Danakos, Agersani, Kourounochori, Sagri, Moutsouna and Aggidia are the most famous villages in Naxos that complete a beautiful picturesque architectural puzzle.

Museums of Naxos

A small number of museums in Naxos come to complement the archaeological and cultural attractions of the island. The best known museum is of course the Naxos Archaeological Museum, located in the town and more specifically in the castle area. Equally interesting and with important exhibits is the archaeological museum of Apeiranthos. There, important findings from excavations all over the island are exhibited, with many of the findings dating back to prehistoric times. Apeiranthos is also home to the Geological Museum of Apeiranthos, founded in 1964. The museum attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world. In Apeiranthos the visitor also meets the folklore museum of the village. Another attraction for the tourists of Naxos is the archaeological site of Grotta under the square of the Metropolis.

Map of Naxos

A map and tourist guide of Naxos can be purchased from selected points around the island. The map of Naxos is a rich source of information and images, the map will help those who find themselves on the island to learn about the rich cultural heritage, but also about the activities and particularities of each place such as hiking and cycling routes, gastronomic delights, customs and traditions. At the same time you can discover all the historical and mythological elements of the island and of course all the beautiful beaches that exist.
Nightlife in Naxos

The nightlife in Naxos, as in most of the Cyclades islands, is one of the best experiences one can have on a summer holiday. The island of Naxos has managed to maintain a special balance in nightlife, with the result that its picturesque alleys are flooded with patrons enjoying a drink or a traditional local wine. People gather in the evenings in the town, as it is the centre of Naxos' nightlife. Most villages on the island have no shops or nightclubs, although there are exceptions.
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Naxos airport is served by regular flights and year-round flights of Olympic Air from Athens. The duration of the flight is 45 minutes.